Glass Full of Positive

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There is always a certain level of negativity in life. Even daily. This can be from within or without, but it is there. Unfortunately this has an influence, if unchecked or not redirected, on the workplace, home or church/parish. There are many causes and can be influenced by many circumstances and people. Negativity, if left to fester can be detrimental if not a debilitating influence. It may be that each has this battle in their own lives themselves or at home or at work.

If we have a situation of circumstances including people that are negative at work our productivity is reduced. This is inevitable and correlates between happiness and output. We desire going to work less and being in the office or factory becomes a chore or something to get through each day. And should this negativity be found at home then the haven it should be disappears, there is no haven. The home we go to needs to be a place where we find peace and permits a recharge to face the following day. It should be a place where are nurtured and cared for.

We know the people around us that are happy, they attract us. They are often happy with life and are the “glass half-full” sort of people. They are encouraging without their even having to do anything more than smile or laugh. Their being can be infectious and quite “lifting”. Those of the opposite sort we know as well can be co-workers or family members. We may try to avoid these people but sometimes this is not possible and in fact may not be the best way to deal with them. But it may become necessary to have only small doses of them. But it could be that you can help change the situation. At the office or home it could be YOU that makes for real change in the lives of others.

  • Yes it is a cold day – but it’s sunny.
  • Yes I have an older model car – but it’s paid for.
  • Yes I use an older version of a Smartphone – but it makes calls and has the apps I really need for my work and productivity.

It is partly our perception and partly our response to the world around us and not letting it decide for us what is our response. Again, it may be simply pursuing the line of conversation in a more positive direction and this may take some real effort, but it can indeed be a method of improving the environment at home or work. All of this applies to the local church or parish. A parish will quickly unravel if the pastor or leader becomes suddenly negative about the parish. Or if members of governing bodies are influenced by one or two parishioners who seek to control the activities and work but come to it from a negative point. No one else will want to serve in the cloud of negativity for long, if at all.

Each of us needs to be a means of, a voice of, a force for positive change in the world where we find ourselves, not be part of the negative. If we shrink from those difficult moments or situations then the workplace, home or parish/congregation remains the same. Be positive, be who we were created to be.


When things aren’t going your way

There are times in our lives that we wonder why things are not going our way. Perhaps like a reverse of the Bing Crosby film “Going My Way”. In some cases it may be that there seems no light to lead the way ahead. A dark night during days of living can be a great burden and can lead us to think that there will never be light again. But wait…

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Favourite Things

We turn and see photographs on a shelf alongside favourite books perhaps. Places we remember bring a sense of peace and well being for many.

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Spiritual Direction

…don’t give up searching for one if you feel the need to have one. Perhaps the priest you meet really is too busy for this very demanding work or too occupied with the myriad of of issues in his multiple parish assignment. Keep praying, and going to Mass, especially daily if possible, read Scripture and the works of the saints and Church Fathers…

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