About Me

inst10_beard3 I am a priest of the Catholic Church having been Received into the Church in London, United Kingdom in 1991. I was parish priest in Prince Edward Island in Canada for several parishes and I now serve the Church in the Diocese of Mzuzu in Malawi.

Previously I taught in secondary schools in Zambia, Canada and the United Kingdom before becoming an officer in the Royal Canadian Navy. As an Intelligence officer I served in Canada, the United Kingdom and the countries surrounding the Persian Gulf and loaned to the United States Navy.

In preparation for the priesthood I studied at the Grand Séminaire de Montréal and its component the «Institut de Formation théologique de Montréal» in Philosophy and Theology for the Lateran Pontifical University. I have presented and published articles in bioethics and history to conferences in North America, eastern Europe and Africa.

I speak English and French fluently. I recently studied German through Goethe-Insitut thirty years after studying German at the University of King’s College. More recently I have been studying Afrikaans, Portuguese, Tumbuka/Chichewa. Previously I studied Biblical Hebrew, Latin.

I hold bachelors degrees in History, Education and Theology; a Masters in History from Université Laval and doctorates in both Education and Theology from universities in the Republic of South Africa (University of South Africa and Universiteit van die Vrystaat). I completed Post Doctoral studies in Education at McGill University in Montréal, Canada.

(The picture above was taken in 2016 in Vredehoek, Cape Town, South Africa)

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