Changing the world Part II

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Changing the world Part II

When we start out in our working lives, perhaps in our twenties, we think we can sort things out, change the world, make things better in our lifetime. Our desire is based on our ideals. We seek a better world, we want better for others. In a shifting world of morals and values the change we seek is mostly to stability and security in a better environment for ourselves and others.

It is laudable to wish better for others, for our world. The deep seated interest in change is natural and if used for good can make a wonderful difference to people in the world. Just think of those who have done work that has improved our lives. This might also include scientists, social workers, etc.. In the past I encountered many people, of all ages from 20 something to a couple in their early 80s working in central Africa. Everyone wanted to help in some way. This was and is in education, business, farming practices, medicine.

Sometimes this work bears fruit immediately and we can see real change in peoples lives. I think of the “dip tank” installed at Chikankata Secondary School in Zambia. It was for the school farm to dip the cattle to protect from disease and tsetse flies. For the school cattle there was an immediate use and protection for the food supply. Governor and national representatives came, local community leaders and the chief came for the opening ceremony and symbolic “dip” of the first cow. The excitement was palpable. Great cheers erupted from the throng as the cow came out of the tank wet and a bit frightened.

But the dip tank became part of the community around the school. Through it better farming practices were disseminated. Often great things in lives begin in small ways. It is more than likely a lot of small things together that make us great in one way or another. And makes us the people we are. We are capable of so much, if we let ourselves do what we are great at, and encourage others to do the same.

Sometimes this works and we have influence. And other times it may never be seen. Our influence on the world and the people around us goes unnoticed, unseen. But have to trust that something good will come of what we have done and offered.

Sometimes though, by the time we get to the point in our lives where we could make a change in the lives around us, we realize that we really have not been able to influence anything and haven’t changed anything or anybody. That may be what we see, but we are not able to see everything or every change made along the way, because we have experience and knowledge that has more value than when we began. So we simply continue to grow and seek to influence lives for the Good. And we search for ways to be better people ourselves. Change begins there. Growth begins there. And our world changes with us.


Overcoming Us

We are at times inhibited from reaching out potential, be that in personal or family life, spiritual life, education etc. Sometimes we see this in our old school reports: “Brad could do better”, “Brad is not reaching his full potential”. Not surprising then that these comments sometimes remain with us for life. We become the stumbling block at times to our own success. But we often can’t see ourselves as we are in order to correct this.

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The Attraction of Thor

We are visual people. We “read” others and situations. We identify immediately or not with our surroundings. Many men no longer identify with the Church, at least not the current image.

And there we have the Attraction of Thor. These and many other men are not going to identify with Catholic “lite”. Their lives are hard, and full of risk. They are fathers and soldiers or sailors or aviators. They seek not comfort but fortitude and a priest and Church that can be of help to maintain this duty and purpose in life as fathers and warriors.

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