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Often as youth we see life as long and spread out before us as a banquet that is continuously replenished. The choices are endless and we are free to pick and choose at will. And presume that this will last all our lives. But as we age we see that life, really, is quite short.
We live for 70 years, or 80 years if we’re healthy, yet even in the prime years there are troubles and sorrow. They pass by quickly and we fly away.
(Ps 90, 10)
The speed that life passes seems to increase quite rapidly and those many dreams must be sifted and many swept aside as we make a few choices in life. We might store them for a while but the reality is that they are not possible and we eventually let them go.
A late vocation limits choices as well; whether for marriage or priesthood and religious life. Many orders and priestly societies have an upper age limit on entrance. Once past that marker age it is often rare to find entrance and thereby your choices in life have been restricted.
But for the rest, for life generally, I am reminded of the colour green. Green for life. While I am sitting writing this post – notebook and fountain pen in hand – I am on a ridge high up overlooking the neighbouring hill country in northern Malawi. Blue sky, blue Lake Malawi in the distance, and green, green vegetation in all directions: lush and green.
Our lives are like that for the most part. We are living and breathing in our own environments and surrounded by people also we are connected to. We live and breath making our living decisions in full sunlight. These lives are not long. We know that. But what we do while the wood is green in our lives is ours and can be enriching to ourselves and others. Look at the beauty we see around us in nature and people. We are indeed blessed and should always be thankful for what we see and live. We have life – the greatest gift. We are grateful – you and I – for what we are given.
So let us run and be sure to use this precious gift for the service of God. Never waste a moment thinking this life has not beauty and no use. Our service will make it of use if we permit and are led.
“Remember that the Christian life is one of action; not of speech and daydreams. Let there be few words and many deeds, and let them be done well” 
St Vincent Pallotti


Holy Hope

At Christmas we hear of the coming of the Saviour and therefore the coming of Holy Hope. We celebrate the birth of the Messiah and relive the moments with Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, the angels. We hear “Be not afraid…this is good news of great joy to all the people” (Luke 2, 10) This is living hope. Sung by the angels and witnessed by the poor, not the rich. Why then should this be important, this hope? Because after more than 2000 years since his birth we still have poverty and illness, and social ills. We still need that hope coming with the message of the angels.

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Reading the Word

Our purpose is to know, love and serve God in everything. So the purpose is to get to know God more intimately through reading HIS books. He inspired the writers to write what they did. The Holy Spirit helped the Gospel writers and St Paul with the New Testament. We might be reading these books for the Literary contents and style, or for the sacred work that they are. In each case there is something to gain from the study of the Word of God.

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Loss and Gain

We all face loss. And what do we do with it. How is it expressed and how does it change us? Loss can be if employment and position in society. It can be financial, or more frequently, the loss of friends and loved ones through death.

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