Lost and Found

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Lost and Found

We all have been through losing things. Some items are of no great significance but it was a nuisance to lose the item. And other things lost are quite valuable and meaningful to us. These are lost in fires, over the side of boats, left on air planes and in rented cars. Whatever the item, the loss was either a momentary or permanent loss and be difficult if not impossible to replace.

When it comes to people we wish never to lose there is often an impossible moment that comes when we have to part. Death is one of those and difficult. We are wrapped in emotion at this parting. For others it is a friendship that faded and we have either a fond or neutral, or even hostile remembrance of it. People are not like material items we might have purchased or inherited, these are living beings that we have or had a connection to. The reconnection with a friend or lost family member is very important in our lives, reconnecting us with family or a shared past.

We are all, in one way or another, lost and found. We move in and out of others’ lives over a life time. We compliment some and we antagonise others. But in both cases we share a time and space. When lost we stop sharing this and our lives may be lesser for it. We need to review what we have accomplished with others and where others hold us back. We need to discern our steps and our friends.

It would be short sighted to let friendships or family members fade away because we did nothing to ensure the continuation of the connection. Once gone, these people may not be back. And those who later die are lost to us in this life. We need always to look for the good the other person has done and the potential of that person for doing good. It is not blind naivety to look for the good. It is often just not as visible to us as others perhaps. Sometimes the good soul is lost deep inside a less than pleasant exterior personality or appearance. Look deep. Take the time to really see deeply. That lost soul is someone’s son or daughter and was loved and cherished as a baby, now perhaps lost. Don’t perpetuate the state of being lost among others around us. Help others to be found.

“Lose the things you take for granted, and you will feel great happiness once they are found.”
― Richelle E. Goodrich



Following is then, in a sense, a desire to learn for someone else. In days of masters and disciples the master of a religion or philosophy had his followers and spent a great deal of time, perhaps years, teaching the disciples his ways so that they were prepared the best way possible to go out and teach others. This has happened all through the ages and continues today. If we in turn, learn something well enough, we might also be able to help others.

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Social Media grows at an incredible rate. And the people who are members search for connections to a community, a community of their making in a sense. What was at one time a community limited to geography; perhaps of distance by letter or telephone. Now this community has been extended to a global community.

“Only connect! … Live in fragments no longer.” – a rather truncated quotation of E.M. Forster, but something that denotes the reason our society wishes to drop the distances between each other and be a society together; even one that might have raging disagreements internally over vast distances.

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Promised Land

The Promised Land for the Hebrew people, a place of longed for happiness in God’s presence and his freedom. It is a place of fulfilment. No more searching, no more wandering. And since the Kingdom is not an earthly one, our promised land is that kingdom we become members of at our baptism and live, while here in this world. We, like the Hebrew people wander through our own deserts eventually crossing into our true homeland.

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