Overcoming Us

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We are at times inhibited from reaching our potential, be that in personal or family life, spiritual life, education etc. Sometimes we see this in our old school reports: “Brad could do better”, “Brad is not reaching his full potential”. Not surprising then that these comments sometimes remain with us for life. We become the stumbling block at times to our own success. But we often can’t see ourselves as we are in order to correct this.

Much of this, if imposed, can be from early childhood, school formation, life traumas that keep us from reaching who we are based on the “who we are” given to us by others or influenced by others and circumstances. How we cope with and deal with these influences determines how we move forward and how successful we become. If we don’t find those strategies and coping mechanisms…and healing, then these define our progress and don’t let us reflect the potential in ourselves…for ourselves and others.

Buried inside each person is that possible orator, teacher, doctor, mother or architect. What a shame and loss for our societies when these possible participants are never realized.  Our society is the poorer for it. Developing countries have so many potential professionals but often not the means to get the people through schools and universities logistically and or financially. When there is trauma or difficulties for people in the developed countries we have professionals to help treat the problems and return the person to society as a better functioning individual. But in most developing nations this is not to be found and children who have lived through civil wars and terrorism may never receive proper treatment and not come to reflect their true ability. What happens is they are consigned to the “never possible” instead of the achieved realization.

Whether it is “we” or “they” all this can change. We have in ourselves the ability to overcome the odds and obstacles in our way if we have the necessary support and infrastructure. It is finding those tools necessary to get through the traumas and poor self realization. And to be the agent of change to help break the cycles of “impossible” in developing countries.

We should look again at the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy and the Beatitudes and see where we can improve, seek help and be a help to others (whether we know or like them or not). Simply finding ways to get through the “me” and our negativity can change the future and open potential that we didn’t know was possible in ourselves and others. It will lead us to achieve better things in ourselves and our societies as we in turn grow in Virtue.


Loss and Gain

We all face loss. And what do we do with it. How is it expressed and how does it change us? Loss can be if employment and position in society. It can be financial, or more frequently, the loss of friends and loved ones through death.

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There are times in our lives when there is a great deal of hurt. It is from others (friends and family) or illness, or loneliness. There are lots of reasons. And in it, right in the middle of the “eye of the storm” we wonder: Why?

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Knowledge and Wisdom

Whatever the situation in life, before and after choices, an analysis, review and examination can lead to better choices and better motivation in those areas of our lives where we face decisions leading to an informed and mature life. The importance is using accumulated knowledge, developing it into wisdom and being an individual capable of (self) improvement.

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