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The world is a tiring place. often we get through the day and simply wish to do nothing further after a day of work. We spend our days for other people we may work for, or people in our families. There never seems enough time for what we want to accomplish during the day after we finish work. For many, especially for those with an illness of one kind or another, it may even be difficult to get the day started.

Think of how often you are distracted, or sigh continually, or think of what needs to be done after work. Think of how you may actually wish your life as different. In that sense we could be wishing away our lives and the time given to us.

We are offered a life, one life. In that time we have decisions to make and time to spend. We need to make good use of that time. And if we find we are not using it well then we need to make some decisions about how better to use this time. God “inhabits eternity.” (Is 57,15) we read in Sacred Scripture. But we occupy a temporal world and are left with time to “spend”.

But if we are tired and fed up with the life we have, how can we live a life of thanks and praise as God would like. And how then can we be of service and a witness to others? These are difficult questions when in the midst of the storm in our lives. The expectations are high. And I think many simply give up, perhaps simply attending Mass in a fog not wanting to think too much more about all of this.

And it is there, in the middle of that foggy half wakened state that we need to seek what God wants from us, even if it means rising from the melodrama; breaking the surface of life-lived in order to breath fully the life of the Holy Ghost in us. We are called to live well; to live as disciples and reach those around us with the Gospel message. How can this be if we live in recesses of our own withdrawal from the mission?

Whatever state we are in, we must first look to the Saviour with humility and offer our sufferings and weaknesses. We need to renew our efforts so that our discipleship will be a productive one in which our apostolates are fruitful. Not for our own gain or praise, but rather for the increase to the kingdom and the salvation of souls. At the end of our days, when we have “spent” all our time and are called to account, we can only present ourselves, and hopefully, a great number of souls we have influenced. We cannot save anyone, only Christ can do that. But as his disciples we have a part to play.

God in his timeless perfection has a plan for each of us (Jer 29,11). We are disciples. We must live and work with this calling. If we need a break, that is normal, the calling is a lifetime and tiring. But we must persevere. “Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial, for when he has been approved, he will receive the crown of life, which he promised to those who love him.” (Jm 1,12)

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Social Media or Social Mob?

When social media is used as a tool to connect with like-minded individuals it works well and there are can be, and often is, a sense of shared ideas and values. It can, however, turn quickly and become a vehicle as an outlet for rage, whether justified or not.

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We live in hope because we know that with the Resurrection we are not left to the fear of death and sorrow. We have the hope of eternal life and we know that we are not left in the lives we once had. But now rather, we are filled with possibilities for a greater day. A better us.

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This then applies not simply to military, politics and business, but also to areas such as Church leadership and social organizations, schools/universities and many other areas of public life. In business we see effective leaders rise with a company and the evidence is often the financial success of the company. The great business leader not only seeks personal gain but the profitability of the company as well as the security of the employees working there.

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