The Silver Lining

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The Silver Lining

We meet with all sorts of events and trials in this life as well as wonderful moments. All the twists and turns, all the highs and lows are of value, making is who we are. There are good times as well as bad. The marriage vows state this. I wrote a piece before about when things are not going our way in life, and this is indeed true at times. But here we have a hope for the change we would like to see in our lives or the lives of others who face sometimes grave difficulties.

The reality of our lives demonstrates that there are no golden promises. But there may be a golden thread, or perhaps a silver one because it leads to the silver lining. If you haven’t found it follow along a little more.

Where and what is the silver lining? How do we get there and what possibly could it be? Many will wonder if there is any point after all because of what has been encountered in life up to this point. But wait. That place up ahead is there already. And while it may not promise a place of perfection, and may not see us obtaining perfection either, it is a better reflection of what we have now. We are able to see better, more clearly something of the good found in the midst of the moment.

Holding the thread is simply not giving up. It means hope that tomorrow, or the next day, or even the day after that will be better or something in it will be.  When things are like this, when seemingly too much to bear, reach for the silver thread which is really to reach out to “touch the hem of His garment” (Mt 9,20). The graces flow with that faith. “Faith is the strength by which a shattered world shall emerge into the light.” – Helen Keller

The reality will still be there. But at the hem of the garment there is a better perspective given to us. The silver lining is nothing more than a better way to see that reality and gaze on the situation in a different light – perhaps even thankful for what the difficulty has brought to light about ourselves. Without the trials we discover no strength.




I wonder…

And how many priests and prelates are well aware of this state of affairs and would rather look away? How many would rather deal with fund raising and parish retention programmes and New Evangelisation programmes which may be or are in actual fact void of the deeper meaning of the Sacraments and how to live them in our daily lives?

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One of the many currents in our world at the moment is minimalism. This is not a “universal” mode of living by choice though, as many people in the world, especially the developing world, are minimalist as a result of economic disparities in the world. For people living in any number of developed economies, there is a trend to simplify and minimise a life that has become over burdened with consumerism and occupation with the acquiring of these objects and the storage of them.

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