When Time Moves

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When Time Moves

At the end of one year and the beginning of another there is a pause as we think back of the year gone by and perhaps give a general assessment of what the year was like. This could be that it was a brilliant year, or as Queen Elizabeth noted in 1992 it was an “annus horribilis”. Our lives are seemingly divided by the arbitrary dates and spans of time.

These divisions help us. We are better able to plan. We can then use time wisely. But time is something we have so little of. Those who live to very old age are few though a growing number are living into their nineties. We see time “kairos” which seems to drip drip and we don’t notice the passing of 25 or 30 years. But indeed it is gone. And we realize that all those things we wanted to accomplish and didn’t – putting off until “someday” – and then seeing it was too late. Old dreams are swept aside and the reality of present time sets in.

We need to remember in all of this, that while we have to live “in time” God does not. He is outside of our time and is not limited to it or by it. Eternity is “time” for God, no beginning and no end. What can this do for us who are bound to a limited time here? We can remember that God experienced time through the years in the life of Jesus (Emmanuel – God With Us) who walked among us and lived our time experience. So yes he does understand “time”. The creator of the universe also chose to be part of that same creation, to live with his creation! So when I hear a secular artist sing “What if God Was One of Us?” I can reply he was and he understands our condition. Our time therefore can be used for good; for the good of others and the holiness and sanctification of ourselves and those around us.

Let us live the coming year in the knowledge that we can and should live a life full of expectation and offering service to others and living a life in communion with God and humanity.  “Your days at the most cannot be very long, so use them to the best of your ability for the glory of God and the benefit of your generation.” (General William Booth)



Think of all those plans we make day to day. All the people we meet either in person or in social media. How did we come to make those plans? How did we meet those people. Did everything go according to plan? Was someone rude to us? Did we get slandered in social media? How did we react? It is not only our actions but our reactions that decide if we remain in God’s presence.

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Social Media grows at an incredible rate. And the people who are members search for connections to a community, a community of their making in a sense. What was at one time a community limited to geography; perhaps of distance by letter or telephone. Now this community has been extended to a global community.

“Only connect! … Live in fragments no longer.” – a rather truncated quotation of E.M. Forster, but something that denotes the reason our society wishes to drop the distances between each other and be a society together; even one that might have raging disagreements internally over vast distances.

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The Silver Lining

Where and what is the silver lining? How do we get there and what possibly could it be? Many will wonder if there is any point after all because of what has been encountered in life up to this point. But wait…

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