Where are you going?

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Where are you going?

To answer that question we need to think about where we live. In our lives, which are offered us at conception and birth we have a future that may be dictated by the circumstances of where we are born. For someone living in a Western nation it offers a much greater variety of possibilities. Someone born in the developing world is likely to face more restricted life choices or even to face an uncertain life span due to wars and disease.

The pursuit of wealth and gain is often an over riding consideration for many. To achieve wealth and perhaps fame is for many the only pursuit worth following. And while a certain degree of wealth allows for these choices we would like during our lifetimes, there is in fact a greater goal we should be looking at. Money has its advantages in this life in a world organised for the consumer. But we are more than consumers. We are more than just a body that breaths. Our soul is something that does not require money. Currencies are of no value to the eternal nature of the soul.

But where then are we going in life? is there a direction that might be better than another? Will that direction have a positive or negative impact on the soul? On eternal life? Do our decisions influence or control this eternal road? Well, yes they do. We are often able to make some improvements to our material life through the right conditions and effort. But for our souls, we need the grace of God through the Sacraments.

Our choices here are indeed the indicators for the road we are on and the path we choose for eternity. The “fork in the road” we encounter where we decide if we will attend church or not, frequent the sacraments or not all dictate the future. While we trust in the Mercy of God, we do not presume on this mercy and continue to live in a way that rejects the road God provides for us. If we truly love Him, we will want to serve Him. And by serving Him we follow the path laid out by Him for us. Even when this road is uncomfortable and inconvenient. The path of least resistance may not actually be the road God has prepared for us. We are called to persevere to the end to win that imperishable crown. If it calls for perseverance chances are it will therefore come with difficulties.

So where are you going? Make the right choices and be prepared with God’s help to follow the road set before us.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own insight. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.” – Proverbs 3:5-6


Error accepted?

Everyone has a responsibility to ensure that correct Catholic teaching on morals and faith are perpetuated and taught to the faithful.

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Favourite Things

We turn and see photographs on a shelf alongside favourite books perhaps. Places we remember bring a sense of peace and well being for many.

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Glass Full of Positive

We know the people around us that are happy, they attract us. They are often happy with life and are the “glass half-full” sort of people. They are encouraging without their even having to do anything more than smile or laugh. Their being can be infectious and quite “lifting”.

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