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Elephant family with matriarch in front. AMBOSELI, KENYA

We are all motivated by something. Whatever that is leads us to do, act, think, in a way that propels us forward to our goals. If asked it is likely rare that two individuals would have the same motivation exactly. We are individuals and as such pursue goals that are based on the individual. We find people are motivated to defend the country, enter politics on one side or another of an issue, support a team or university that may have had nothing to do with our families. There are commonalities of course, and the similarities can show the proximity we have to each other.

Our motivation may be deeply personal and may decide for us, in a sense, our direction in life. Someone whose motivation is the worker may be drawn to spending a lifetime in trade unionism to protect and serve the working man or woman. For some young men there may be a desire to serve God and lead a life in the priesthood. And for many women they may be decided on a life of prayer and service in a religious congregation. There are many today who are motivated to preserve our planet and the wonderful creatures that inhabit it. How could anyone not be motivated to help save the great elephants of Africa or the whales of the world’s oceans? Some may be motivated by evil intentions and purposes and so a great many evils are perpetuated under the sun (Ecc 6,1).

For those who seek the good of others around them, then their motivation may be from a deep seated concern for their fellow human beings in a completely secularist pattern – noble in itself. But for others, a knowledge that they have been and are loved by God leads them to demonstrate this to others in concrete acts – tangible demonstrations of a greater good and purpose. “The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones” – (Chinese proverb)

Whatever motivates us, we need to (re)focus on so that we continue to do what is right and helpful in our world. We need the motivation so that we do not stop in the middle; we don’t give up. When we are motivated we have a better focus on the end goal. Be focussed and be motivated each day.



When we embrace the idea of giving, and not just from our largesse, but from a denying to ourselves something we would like, then we step beyond ourselves. The “other”, a person other than ourselves becomes vital to our own lives.

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History Re-written

In the last 60 years there has been a great deal of change, on very many scales in our world. From technology, military, peoples, norms and morals of society etc. Which leaves us perhaps, feeling that there is little that is solid. That everything is in constant flux. Where did the stability go that we used to know. I wonder if we really ever had that, or was it more a slower pace of change. But change there always has been.

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