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Keeping in mind the promises made by a couple before the altar in Church at their wedding, a man and woman promise to look after each other “in sickness and in health” among other promises they make at the same time. This is significant because we tend to handle most of what comes our way in life on our own. But in sickness we are often unable to do this. We need the help of someone else.

Recently I was hospitalised at St John (Diocesan) Hospital in Mzuzu with gastro-intestinal infection that gave me a two-day stay there recovering on IV drips and medication. In sickness I found I could not take care of myself as I usually can do. I needed someone else to find extra blankets, put the mosquito net in place, take me to the hospital when the fever became dangerous, and stay in the hospital room with me until I was conscious again.

We need each other. Sometimes we prefer to be alone, and need to be alone. But there are times we need others in our lives to be a help and offer love and friendship. We are individuals but we are interconnected. “No man is an island” we hear. And that is indeed true. We are bridged one to another in our common humanity, and in the Kingdom of God as disciples. When any one member is suffering we need to have a great concern. And turn that concern outward to reach those who are most in need where ever they are.

“…sick and you cared for me…” – Jesus




Line in the Sand

My classroom had become a microcosm of my own life and values. I sailed through other cultures with these values and seem to run against the prevailing culture around me.

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Lake of Stars

When David Livingstone travelled through southern Africa in the 1880s he came upon a large lake which he called the Lake of Stars.

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Something most, if not all, people search for in life is happiness. It is something quite personal and difficult to enunciate for each person: dreams during our youth, security in later years. We know when we find something that makes us happy. But that in itself might not be something that will last for long. It might be a passing event, situation, or relationship. It could be the spouse that has made us deliriously happy for the last 54 years. We can search a very long time and never find what will make us happy – happy in the eyes of the World at any rate.

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